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About CCN

Cyber is the forever war only now becoming fully recognized by many. With recent cyberattacks threatening to take down our nation, there is an undeniable need for a stronger cybersecurity presence in the United States. In North Carolina alone, there are over 20,000 unfilled cybersecurity positions.
Within North Carolina, we recognized this need and set out to find a solution. We understand the importance of academic institutions in cybersecurity training. Community Colleges and Universities are vital to teaching technical and essential skills; coordinating work experience; and aligning curricula, knowledge, skills, and abilities to economic sectors, businesses, and government. This all-inclusive approach will grow a more diverse highly skilled labor pool for employers; close the cybersecurity skills gap, and reduce the frequency of cyber incidents and protect critical infrastructure in North Carolina.
With this in mind, our team started as a partnership between Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) and Montreat College, who developed a concept for a holistic talent pipeline with multiple entry and exit ramps from education to work for students, apprentices and incumbent workers.
Securing investment from the State to build a measurable comprehensive response framework, the initiative expanded to a partnership of 11 colleges and universities across the state of North Carolina collectively known as the Carolina Cyber Network (CCN).
In the Carolina Cyber Network, we educate teachers through professional development, and students through hands-on training as they explore cyber career options. We collaborate amongst colleges and universities to share resources, best practices, and to support one another. We engage corporations, economic sectors, and government as we appeal to their employment and cybersecurity needs.

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Who We Are


Strengthening North Carolina’s cybersecurity capabilities through a coordinated, work-ready talent development system connecting public and private institutions.


Create and deliver a first-of-its kind, national demonstration project enabling a high-performance, holistic cybersecurity workforce pipeline for public and private entities.


The Carolina Cyber Network seeks to achieve two primary outcomes. First, to nurture the full-life cycle of North Carolina Cyber Security practitioners, from identification and self-selection, through to Continuing Education.